#ToDefend What You Love Is To Share What You Love

Because passions quite unshared remain passions quite unshaped, we ask what do you love so passionately you feel it must be protected at all costs? Share it with friends, share it with us, share it... and let’s see if we can pull it off!

The right to be what you do want to be. The right to make your voice heard. The right to love and be loved. Everyone has something #ToDefend. By telling us your story, you contribute to improve the conditions of women throughout Malaysia.

For every pledge, Shiseido will donate RM 1 to AWAM (All Women’s Action Society). So please take just a few minutes today, to make the difference of a lifetime tomorrow. Make your pledge now.

AWAM (All Women's Action Society) is an independent feminist organisation that works towards the realization of women's equality.

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